The Real Jimmy Butler Debut Is Tonight Because It’s A Home Game And Nobody Really Ever Count’s The First Game Especially Against A Non Team Like Orlando

Tonight is the real debut of Jimmy G. Buckets.  I can not wait!!! He is for sure going to go off and the Sixers will win by around 50-60 points.  No doubt in my mind, mortal lock of the week.  Everybody know’s the first game is a pre-season/regular season game and the first real game is at home.

On a real note however, tonight should be a great game for many reasons.  People seemed to have forgotten that Jimmy had been traveling non stop for days before the Orlando game and had one practice with the team.  Not an excuse to lose but it takes some time to get comfortable with the guys on your team.  They still should have won, they gave up a 16 point lead in the 4th, Jojo had a bad shooting night, Ben didn’t shoot period and Jimmy is still getting his feet wet with both of them.  Bad loss but nothing to worry about, the team will grow from it.

Tonight’s game is going to be a good one.  The Fargo will be hype and loud and ready to go.  I know this because the Sixers/Magic game was the highest rated Sixers game on NBC since 2001.  So if that is a pre-cursor for the first home game the place is gong to be sold out and people are going to get loud, it’s going to be overwhelming for Mitchell who is in a bad slump right now shooting wise, even though he is still putting up 20 a game, on 41% FG and 30% from three.  I’m excited to see the story line between him and Ben.  I hope Ben put’s him in a blender and he probably will.  People can continue to complain about Ben’s shooting but his defense is second to none.  Let the kid go play and grow he is fine.  He’s going to have a big night and Mitchell don’t want no smoke and won’t guard Ben. (Not that he should but that’s the story I’m sticking too.)

My secret fan favorite right now and key to the team is Wilson Chandler.  He was great to watch against the Magic and I can’t wait until he is 100%.  The three he hit from 6 feet beyond the ark was the best offensive play of the game for the Sixers and he make this team much better.  Is he a star? No, but he is a key role player and starter.  He can shoot, play D and rebound plus he has that tough ‘gritty’ Philly attitude.  Excited to watch him grow with this team also.

Finally, I’m over the Fultz hate.  He has his issues yes.  The hitch in his free throw was bad, yes.  You don’t hear people talk about his hustle though.  The kid has been playing hard and playing tough.  Anyone who watched the game on Wednesday saw that.  When Embiid had thrown up a jumper as the shot clock was running down Fultz saw it coming up short ran under the basket grabbed the ball as it was falling short and put it up and in before the shot clock could expire.  His basketball IQ is there and he’s only 20 years old.  Just give him time he’s fine, trust his process. 

Final Prediction… Sixers: 113 Jazz: 92, Jimmy Buckets will be 27/5/4, Embiid will be 33/19/2,Ben will be 16/12/10… Take it all to the god damn bank!

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