The Branded Hour: Stan’s Sports Bar, Bronx NY

Welcome to another Friday edition of… The Branded Hour. Where we are in search of “The Perfect 30” We are doing some very hard research to give you the top notch grades of the best Happy Hour’s around. (Remember if there’s one thing here at Branded Sports that we know besides sports, it’s Bars.)

Last week The Great American Pub, Conshy received a 28.9 out of 30.

This week’s spotlight review is:

Name: Stan’s Sports Bar

Location: Bronx, NY

Phone: 718-993-5548

Facebook: Stan’s Sports-Bar


Ok, for any Yankee fan… Stan’s is one of the best bars in the world. It is a MUST before going to any Yankee game. There is no excuse not to go. If you are late for the game… Well I guess you are about to miss another inning because you must go to Stan’s for a beer first.

They actually check at the stadium if you went first before letting you in.

You may be asking why am I doing a spotlight on a bar outside Yankee Stadium when it’s not baseball season… That is because tomorrow the stadium will be hosting he Shamrock Series.

Notre Dame vs Syracuse.

Stan’s is perfect before a baseball game and will be equally as perfect prior to a football game.

The beers are literally always flowing at Stan’s. The shots never stop and the crowd is always wild. The place gets so packed before Yanks games you are literally shoulder to shoulder… But it’s the best.

They have the main bar which is huge. Then two smaller bars to make sure you can always get a drink when you need it. For some reason I always find myself drinking a massive Coors Original can when I’m there.

I never eat there because well there is too much to drink. But they do have stadium like food, with a big grill. Chicken fingers and fries type. They always look bangin.

And the staff.. They have it down to a science. I have never waited for a beer even when it’s slammed. They are friendly and will sing right along with you to New York New York!


The bouncers once brought my mother through the crowd to the bathroom. Cleaned the toilet seat for her, waited outside the door and brought her back to us. I mean… Best service of all time. Anything for mom.

If you can’t tell… I LOVE this damn bar.

Scores (All out of 10.)

Alcohol: Like I said the beer is always flowing. It is alway ICE cold!! Shots are a must when there and it is not crazy Yankee Stadium prices. I’ve never left without a great buzz! Score 9.9

Food: I have never had it but looks good. I mean when you are drinking like that before a game anything that is greasy is good right? Score: 9.1

Atmosphere: Yankee fans on top of Yankee fans. The best of the best. Best staff in the game. Full of Yankee memorabilia and is across from the original Yankee Stadium. I have never done this before but I’m going over 10. Is that legal? It is now! Score: 10.2 (2 for the Captain.)

Total Score: 29.2 out of 30.. YUP!!

If it is your first time there tomorrow for the Irish game, GO TO STAN’S! Remember it is a 100% must if you are going to any game at Yankee Stadium.

You will thank me later. But now, let me thank you Stan. For the memories I have made there and the many more I will make in the future!

Drink responsibly #ForTheBrand

Let us know when you try one of our featured Happy Hours, give us your own score!

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-Kevin “That Guy”

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