J-Lo Flaunts Thong and Allegedly Breaks Necks


Does Jennifer Lopez ever age? I honestly believe she gets hotter every year. First things first, she is 40 freaking 9 years old and doesn’t look a day over 30. BITCH! Just kidding, I seriously love her and think she’s an incredible entrepreneur , performer and producer, not to mention she literally looks good IN ANY OUTFIT….ALWAYS. She’s the only person over the age of 40 who can still successfully wear the lowest cut dresses and be told she looks like a goddess.

So naturally when I read that she rocked a high-waisted thong on her music video set with DJ Khaled the first thing I thought was, “and she probably made it look good.” The second thing I thought was, “I wonder how long it’ll take DJ Khaled to recover from breaking his neck?”

Images-E! Online

LOOK AT HER. Of course she has matching gray pants to go with the high waisted thong, along with her sculpted abs being revealed thanks to her adorable white crop top. Also, she walks onto the set like she could give two fucks what anyone thinks. OWN IT, GIRL. If anyone else walked around exposing their thong like that, they would look like trash, but not J-Lo. I’m just over here giving mad props, but I think if I was worth over $300 million, I would do what the hell I wanted, too!

From what I’ve read, most media outlets are on the same page as me in praising J-Lo for her confidence, but I have to say to the media outlets giving Jenny from the Block a hard time…you are 100% just jealous. JUST SAYIN.

Now excuse me while I go jam out to “Thong Song” which I forgot was one of the most comical music videos of all time. Shout to Sisqo, wherever you are.

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