Top Hilarious NFL Memes for the 2018 Season, ROUND 2!


It’s that time again….We’re heading into week 11 already of the NFL season and the memes have been popping out like crazy. In my opinion, they just keep getting better and better.

The last time I did the funniest NFL memes in the season was after week 6 when it was still warm outside. Now it’s freezing (at least on the East Coast) and becoming the type of weather where you get into your car and scream “FUCK!!!!” until you feel warm enough to start driving….

So without anymore waiting, I’m here to provide your daily laugh for the day:

1. 34-10. (I love Brady’s crying picture).

2. Even as an Eagles fan, this still made me laugh.

3. “Maybe if I sit on their bench, they’ll adopt me.”

4. Have yourself a Saints Career, Dez Bryant!

5. Everyone watching this game thought the Jets were gonna lose 98-0.

6. When the Giants finally won a game.

7. Jason Garrett’s hands are probably numb at this point.

8. Why can I hear this picture???

9. This Halloween costume was gold.

10. For everyone who had Bell in fantasy and didn’t pick up James Conner in time.

Hope you’re laughing and enjoying this midweek knee slapper. I’ll be sure to update the list once more at the end of the season! Happy Throwback Thursday!

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Memes from this article provided by @NFLmemes_IG

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