Mookie Betts is finally crowned the AL MVP and I couldn’t be happier!

It feels like it’s been a foregone conclusion for some time now. That’s based in some bias as a Sox fan, but also in reality. He was a beast from the start to finish of the season. There’s always going to be Trout dick riders, which he deserves, but this year was Mookie’s. And no offense to Jose Ramirez, but he’s not yet at the level of Trout and Mookie. In the end of the day, Mookie’s numbers speak for themselves no matter who you pit against him.

It was borderline disrespectful the way Mookie and the Red Sox abused pitchers this season and him getting crowned MVP is the feather in the cap to what will be one of my favorite teams of all time. It’s undeniably likable group and have a bright future ahead of them as a team. Mookie is one of the leaders of that bunch and for good reason.

In the eyes of the baseball writers, Mookie is the MVP because of his stats. He’s more than that to Boston’s players and fans. He’s the perfect player. Seems to love everyone, respects the game, plays with fire and is a dog in the field (FYI he also collected another gold glove and a silver slugger this year).

Mookie is and will always be my MVP. Never leave Mookie, 50 will look great up next 34 up in right field.

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Feature Image via Boston Globe


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