Migos Singing Sweet Caroline Is Surprisingly Fire

All James Corden Carpool Karaoke videos are always a must watch. He gets all the biggest celebs and does actually have quite an impressive voice.

Among iconic moments like Adele slaying Nicki Minaj and J.Lo texting Leonardo DiCaprio, the Migos/James Corden performance of Sweet Caroline can be added to the list.

The whole 15 minute video is actually pretty great. I didn’t really know how Migos was going to be in a situation like this. Most of what I know about them personally is in the context of the Joe Budden “Do it look like I was left off Bad and Boujee?” beef. But they were actually pretty funny. They went shopping, sang Whitney Houston and Quavo even played the triangle. Migos should consider making James Corden a permanent Migo.

Takeoff is low key the most underrated part of Migos. He was high as fuck in this video but very funny.

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