Worst Dressed Fans In Sports!

I am a diehard sports fan. I am even an extremely superstitions sports fan. To the point where I have worn the same green ND shirt for every Notre Dame game this season.


I believe I don’t come close to the idiotic assholishness of the extreme fan dresser upper! Some fans just take it to the max and beyond to “support” their teams.

And, I am here to make fun of them! Maybe it is just me as I hate idiots that dress up as idiots. Like the Mummers…

Image – Mr. Mummer

Here are the best of the best (or the worst of the worst) idiot dressed sports fans.

I’ll even start off making fun of one of my fan bases.

Big ass Cowboys helmet Guy

I mean dude. You look like an asshole. And if I was sitting behind you at a game I would fight you. Do Zeke and the boys look over and think “damn that fires me up we gotta ball for this dude!” No. They say look at that asshole.

The Super Duper Goat Idiots

No New England I am not attacking your beloved Brady, so don’t @ me. But I am attacking these two idiots. Any grown ass man who dresses with super hero underwear on the outside of their pants needs to be checked. Brady hates you.

Rapunzel the Viking

No. This isn’t the worst. Yes. Vikings were badass. But, it’s kinda bad enough that your color is purple… I don’t think you need to add long yellow hair to make yourself look even dumber.

Typical Steelers Fan

I don’t really have much to say. The picture kinda speaks for itself. Many Steeler fans are still living in their PA HS Football Glory Days.


Isn’t it usually hot in Cali? Are you enjoying being inside these full fledge costumes for the entire game? You are actually endangering yourself and the people around you, when you pass out from heat exhausting. Assholes.

Soccer Hooligans

Actually… I gotta respect this dude.

The Redskins Pig Ladies

You can explain this tradition to me a billion times. And a billion times I won’t get it and make fun of it. So a bunch of grown men, dress in ladies dresses and wear pig noses, TO A FOOTBALL GAME. That is all.


Isn’t it bad enough that your mascot is corn? Do you have to dress with corn on your head? Then also wear stripped suspenders and look like the idiot at the movies selling us popcorn? AND THE WR GLOVES? What so you don’t burn your hands eating all the corn? IDIOTS.

Come hang out in the Pound.. Dawg

I almost feel too bad to make fun of Browns fans. Almost. Again with the masks, how is that comfortable? Or is it so you can’t see how bad your team is? And try swinging that dumb ass dog bone in my direction.

The Black Hole

Ok, yeah these dudes are somewhat intimidating. And, I wouldn’t talk smack to their faces. But… Luckily I’m not with them, so I will say you guys look like idiots. They spend more money on makeup than my wife!

Cheesehead A-Tron

Like the corn people, isn’t it bad enough you wear a fake block of cheese on your head?? Now you are adding a dumb ass cardboard made superhero costume to make you feel big and bad. Go home your drunk, and not fun drunk.

What happened to the Dogs?

Just because I have to. Great paint job bro. Where is your dog mask to go along with your awesome “birds” getup? Again, Wentz makes fun of you on the bench.

Big Nuthurt

Dude stop. You are a grown man and go to every single OSU game dressed like an asshole. You hold a doll all game, have nuts hanging around your neck and are wearing more flare than Jennifer Aniston in Office Space. Toys R Us closed… Time to grow up.

Those are just some of my favorite idiots. There are so many more, I may even have to do another list. If you have some favorites please send them my way.

Until then… Don’t be them!

-Kmess “That Guy”

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