Week 11 Power Rankings

I’m proudly bringing the internet’s official NFL power rankings to the only place that can handle them….  Branded Sports.

Some might call these rankings controversial, but that’s because some people can’t handle the truth.

We’ve seen the pretenders throughout the week, but now it’s time for the official power rankings heading into week 11.

1. New Orleans Saints 

They haven’t lost since week 1 and they might not lose again for the rest of the season. This could be the year the Brees goes out on top.

2. Kansas City Chiefs 

Their only loss was in Foxborough where they scored 40 points and lost on the final drive. Their upcoming match-up, now in LA, has game of the year potential. Will Mahomes and Andy rise to the occasion?

3. LA Rams

After a tough loss in NOLA, the Rams rebounded nicely in Seattle. Goff and Gurley continue to impress. The loss of Cooper Kupp hurts, but McVay’s offense should be fine.

4. LA Chargers 

Melvin Gordon is unstoppable. They’ve won 7 in a row, and their only losses came against the Chiefs and Rams. Rivers is the most underrated QB of his time. The Chargers are legit contenders.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers 

After a horrific 1-2-1 start the Steelers have won 5 in a row, with their most recent being an absolute beat down of a pretty solid Panthers team. Big Ben and Tomlin have been there before, someone needs to cool them off before they make another run.

6. Chicago Bears 

Return of the Mack. Return of the Mack. Their defense is very good, and their coach knows how to call plays. Every week their offense impresses me a little bit more. Mitch Trubiksy still has a ways to go, but right now, I like what I see.

7. New England Patriots 

Yikes. Is Father Time catching up? He always does. Gronk can’t stay healthy. Brady is old and brittle. 41 year-olds can’t play QB in this league for 16 games, plus playoffs, and expect to win another SB. This could be the end of an era. New England is trending down.

8. Minnesota Vikings

Kirk Cousins will do exactly what it takes to hover around the 8-12 spot. Mediocre QB for a mediocre team that I think MISSES the playoffs. For now, they remain at 8. For now.

9. Carolina Panthers

Curious to see how the Panthers respond after getting absolutely destroyed by the Steelers. Plenty of talent to bounce back against a weak Lions team.

10. Houston Texans

Bill O’Brien will likely find a way to screw this up and kick the Texans out of the top 10, but right now their record keeps them in there. I am not a believer in the Texans and never will be as long as Bill O’Brien is the head coach.

11. Tennessee Titans

I thought the win against the Eagles was impressive, but it wasn’t, the Eagles stink. So
do the Cowboys. But the Titans don’t control who they play and a three score win against the Patriots has me somewhat believing in this team.

12. Green Bay Packers

Rodgers. Until Rodgers is not on the field you can never leave the Packers out of the top 12. I believe they find a way to sneak into the playoffs during the final stretch of the season.

On the Bubble: 

Washington Redskins

6-3. Not impressed by anything they have done except a win @ home vs Green Bay. This team puts me to sleep. But the NFC (L)east is wide open and they’re in first place. If they keep winning I’ll be forced to move them up.

Cincinnati Bengals

Mediocre, mediocre, mediocre. Andy Dalton is mediocre. Marvin Lewis is
mediocre. Their defense is mediocre. But at least they hired Hue Jackson as a special
assistant. God it pains me to write their name on the bubble.


Feature Image: WDEF.COM

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