Happy Jimmy Butler Day!!!

First off the whole weekend trades don’t go into effect until the following week is bananas for a major sports league. Can’t get one guy in the office on a Saturday to hit approve? Maybe log in remote? Either way, we are finally here, Jimmy Butler Day for the Sixers has arrived.

The guy is a killer and all he wants to do is win. Finally here he will have his shot. Expect to see the way this team carries themselves to be completely different. Butler is bring another veteran presence to the team but unlike some of the others brought in before him, Jimmy can ball. Dude is shooting 37.8% from 3P this year, 50.4% from 2P, combined that with 2.4 SPG and you are looking at a all around player on both sides of the ball.

Looking at the next 10 games for the Sixers, after adding Butler, I guarantee Philly is going 9-1 at worst.

sixer games

Everyone knows he is a good player and all that nonsense but one thing seems to be getting over shadowed here. That is the fact that Jimmy Butler is also the star of some of the internet’s greatest gifs. He’s a HOF gif maker. Check the tape.

Can. Not. Wait. For Sixers Jimmy gifs. Until then enjoy some Butler highlights. Only 9 more hours until the Philly’s big 3 hits the floor. My prediction, Butler dumps in a 30 point night and Philly rolls. Hear those footsteps Toronto?

Featured Image: Sixers Instagram

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