Dave Portnoy And Barstool Have Website Stolen From Orginal Employee, A Classic Case Of Snakes In The Grass, Lies, Deceit, And Being Fired (Suspect Outed on Twitter)

Yesterday was another day in the internet juggernaut of Barstool.  It was your typical day, things seemed to be a buzz with the new lineup on their Sirius channel when suddenly a tweet is retweeted into my timeline.

I was not listening to Barstool Radio in that moment but as a Sirius Xm subscriber I decided it was time to listen in.  I tuned into Barstool Radio and Dave was going off about a snake.  He had to let go someone today, fired and they lied to his face on the way out of the door.  A guy who had been with him for 10 years.  Dave said it had everything to do with someone who use to work for Barstool that was in the “Fruity drink” business.  Now Dave wouldn’t say it on radio I’m sure for legal reasons but he was talking about Louis Roberts.  Louis would make some comments.


I don’t know Louis personally but I have had Anyday Rose and it is very tasty.  That I can not lie about.  Now apparently this all stemmed from someone stealing code from Barstool and stealing the website.  Which is the funniest part of this entire thing because the Barstool website sucks.  It’s as bad as ours and Barstool is a $150 million company which is roughly $149,999,999.97 richer than ours.  Now at the end of the day the background stuff is the same.  Dave is angry. Dave makes you laugh when he rants it’s all the normal stuff, but he never said who it was on radio.  Luckily I’m your guy and I did some digging.

I looked into the mentions and found this…


Which lead me to this….

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 11.47.34 AM.png

So I won’t fact check I won’t do anything, it’s the guy..  That’s who did it and was maybe fired?  I dunno whatever I don’t really care, I only wrote this because Barstool generates so many clicks… So yeah ok cool, Hook em.

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