Fultz will reign supreme, one day.

I want everyone to lay off Markelle Fultz!  He is a 20 year old that was the first overall pick in the NBA draft, and everyone expects him to compete for league MVP.  If you look at the dude, he still looks like he is 16.  Like wine, Fultz will develop into a STUD and everyone will forget the first couple years when he was “underachieving”.  You think all of the great players came in scoring 20+ points a game?

Well, atleast two did, but one is considered the GOAT (MJ).  Technically, Fultz has more career points at this point of his life than MJ, AND Markelle never got cut from his middle school team!  Looking into the future, JJ Redick will teach Fultz how to shoot and he will be a Ray Allen type player.  The Ray Allen from the Bucks that was a straight assassin.

MJ Stats
MJ Stats – basketball reference
Kobe Stats
Kobe Stats – basketball reference
Fultz Stats.png
Fultz Stats – basketball reference

When comparing Fultz to the best of the best, he is not far off.  He is averaging more points than Kobe did as a rookie.  He is making progress.  Already playing in the same amount of games last year, his points per game is up more than 2 points!  I take that as improvement and soon enough we will be putting his mug on the Mount Rushmore of basketball.  Give the man some time and he will be hoisting that Championship trophy with his boys, Ben, Joel, and most importantly Jimmy!  The process is near complete.  RoCo and Dario helped us obtain a prolific scorer (Butler), and now we watch how it all unfolds.

Fultz may be dealing with a lot off the court.  He has extreme pressure to achieve in a city that expects a lot.  Maybe, Brandon Brooks can talk to Markelle and help him through this tough time.  Remember when Brandon Brooks refused to play?


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