Cowboys Leap over Birds

So I had to wait until Tuesday to post this article because well, CEO Joe AKA Captain of the Ship was still too butt hurt Monday.

How bout them Cowboys?!

As you already know I am never wrong but this time… Maybe I was. I in NO way thought the Dallas Cowboys would pull off the Sunday night win in Philly.

-They were coming off a brutal loss on MNF

-The Eagles were coming off the bye

-The Eagles were unveiling Golden Tate

-The Eagles were wearing their all blacks

-It was a Sunday Night game IN PHILLY

-Oh, and Dak stinks

All the chips were stacked against Dallas. I was predicting a 33-17 Eagles win, and I thought that was conservative.

Yes, I admitted I wanted the Cowboys to lose because I want Jason Garrett gone. I am the conductor of the Fire Garrett Train! But, I also knew when the game started I’d be all in on beating the Eagles.

Image – Twitter dallascowboys

(Let them lose the rest of the games, but beat the damn Birds.)

The Cowboys came away with a 27-20 win. Bringing their record to 4-5 and sending the Eagles to 4-5. But, can we be honest? It shouldn’t even have been that close.

-Dak missed Zeke on a wide open walk in TD throw that then then settled for 3.

-Zeke lost his footing after the big hurdle that they then settled for 3.

-Maher missed a make-able 42 yard FG.

It should have almost been a blow out Cowboys win.

Zeke ran the ball down the Birds throat. Actually he ran through, around and OVER the Eagles. He had 19 carries for 151 yards with 1 rushing TD and 1 receiving TD.

Dak was Dak. He looked terrible at times but “ok” at other times. 26-36 for 270 yards 1 TD 0 INTs.

The defense stepped up again. Yes they allowed over 300 yards through the air from Wentz but when they needed to make plays they did.

LVE is rounding into one heck of a football player. He had the key interception in the first half and the play of the game to force 4th down at the end. He led the team with 13 total tackles… All solo.

Jeff Heath also had a heck of a game with 8 total/solo tackles. Including the game sealing tackle of Ertz to hold on 4th down. AND the sneak punt conversion.

Now… I can honestly see the Cowboys lose in Atlanta and the Eagles winning in New Orleans next week, because well that’s just what happens.

Do I think the Cowboys have a shot at making the playoffs and going deep? Hell no! I still am leading the Fire Garrett train!

But for one night. For one day. For one week. I am happy because Eagles fans are miserable.

-Kevin “That Guy”

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