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Today, Mankind….or should I say, Stan-kind lost a true hero and icon. Stan Lee, Co-creator of Marvel Comics, has passed away. The man lived  a good, long life (passing at 95 years of age), but that doesn’t make this one hurt any less. He helped “bring to life” some of the most influential and iconic comic book characters ever imagined. Heroes like Spider-man, The X-men, The Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, and Daredevil just to name a few.

I loved many of his creations as a child and still do to this day. I had more action figures than I could count and would be glued to the TV for shows like Spider-man and X-men (two of the best intro themes ever created by the way).  These days, I cosplay as many Marvel heroes. Over the years I have suited up for various occasions as the likes of Wolverine, Symbiote Spider-man, Captain America, and Deadpool. I’m planning for a Winter Soldier and Infinity War Captain America in the Future. Whether it was for Halloween, a comic con or for Children’s charity events, it was always an honor and privilege (and I felt totally badass) to portray these characters. Pictured below are some of my costumes from over the years.





Marvel Comics has become even more popular over the past decade due to the MCU movies that have turned most of the population into superhero fans. A recurring element of these movies that starred some of Stan’s greatest creations, was Stan Lee’s cameos. It was sort of like “Where’s Waldo?” except it was “Where’s Stan?”. It was always fun seeing when he would pop up. Listed below are some of my favorite cameos by Mr. Lee


1. Ironman – I love this movie, and love the simple idea of Tony mistaking Stan Lee as Hugh Hefner.

2. Ironman 2 – Adding to the previous one, Tony also mistook Stan to be Larry King!

3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier – When Captain America needs his gear, he’s going to take it. Unfortunately, this may have cost good ol’ Stan his job!

4. Logan/Deadpool 2 teaser – This whole thing is just great, and that’s really all you need to know.

5. Deadpool – This is easily a top contender. I mean Stan Lee is a DJ in a Strip Club!

Check out all of his great cameos!

I honestly don’t know what the comic book world and nerd kingdom would be like without Stan Lee. To say he was a pioneer for fantastic comics and characters would be an understatement. While the man may have left us, his genius and influence will live on forever. Thank you, Mr. Lee, for making my childhood and adulthood, EXCELSIOR!



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