“No Guns”

This is one of those tales of a Facebook argument that escalated quickly. Some ignorant fuck put a sign up saying “Police Are Cowards and a neighbor posted it in my local communities page. Some lady commented that “All Disgusted are racists”.

I respectfully disagreed and that’s when this other lunatic jumped down my throat and into my DMs. I’ll let the story tell itself with some side chatter from myself.

Honestly, I didn’t know my chin was dirty. Gotta do a better job in the shower.

Actually I’m a troll laying in bed laughing my ass off.

Yeah I’m not there.

I had a change of heart. He should drive further, be on the complete opposite side of town from me.

💪💪 I earned my right to carry these bad boys that are under my comforter with me.

25 minutes later the quack shows up.

Yeah I wasn’t there. I was in bed.

Thanks man. My imaginary children are well taken care of.

He called again. I answered claiming to be Burger King. He hung up thinking he misdialed a Facebook call😂😂

I was gonna send him to a further location but there was no way I was calling this psycho and giving him my number.

I’m not from Norristown despite my vast knowledge of the neighborhood. Maniac Magee was a childhood favorite book of mine so I can spin a weave of lies. Holy fuck he really showed 🥴

Wow he apologized after driving ten miles to come kick my ass at my imaginary children’s imaginary soccer game. I guess him and I are friends now.

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