Halsey Got A Lil Wayne Drawn Tattoo Saturday Moments Before Going On Stage

Muhfuckin goals is right. The two were on SNL this weekend to promote their new single “Can’t Be Broken” which goes FYI. And moments before going on stage Lil Wayne whipped up a tattoo design and Halsey got it tattooed right there.

A few things here. Why does Lil Wayne have better hand writing than me? He’s a rapper that does not have a college education and has drank enough lean to kill a heard of elephants. Yet he writes like an angel. Also the drawing isn’t overly complex but if I tried to draw that it would end up looking like a sad clown face.

Secondly, do they just travel with a tattoo artist? You’re about to jump on stage and a tattoo artist just happens to be standing around? Just gun in hand waiting for his moment? I need answers. This feels like the perfect time to say something like “weird flex but ok.” I’m not 100% sure about that, slang is much harder to keep up with these days. I miss old school slang like: “Totally bogus” and “that’s the bomb” or “All that and a bag of chips.”

Think I’m going to bring back “all that and a bag of chips.” Wish me luck

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