Episode 46: Ariana Grande is Right and Justin Timberlake is Wrong

“Thank u next” – Ashley (@ashleyhammm) and Claire (@clairethescare) at Justin Timberlake’s autobiography.

This week Ashley and Claire take a deep dive into “Thank u, next” by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande). It’s one of the most important songs on the planet and its stressful to imagine a world in which Britney grew up with this song already in existence and where women were allowed to say what they wanted in their careers and relationships.

Speaking of relationships, Britney has this former flame that few people remember but his name is Justin Timberlake and he wrote a book. Claire and Ashley were the first and only people to read this book because it’s almost illegible and there’s no chance in hell an editor even knew it was being published. They break down some of the most exciting snippets so that you never even have to google it.

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