I Can’t Stop Watching This Alabama Fan Getting Mad About Being Fingered

I’ve watched this video 100+ times and still laugh every single time. I cannot get enough of it.

Glorious. The southern charm alone will make you fall in love with this Bama fan who own every Eminem CD ever made. Everything about this video is amazing. I love the fact he used the term “booty” and not ass. I’m curious about his lady friend’s outfit, is she going for the cheerleader look? Or the German Beer maid outfit?


Clearly he doesn’t “play dat shit”. He probably started having flashbacks when he was raped in prison after committing a crime to gain acceptance in a gang he eventually didn’t get in. So his only defense is to do gangster things and threaten to kill everyone in  earshot. I don’t think that’s necessary, I mean the LSU fan probably didn’t get penetration. It’d be hard to get a finger around his oversized jersey that’s big enough to fit Andre the Giant. Wonder what year he graduate from Alabama Tuscaloosa High School?

Everyone wants to be a gangster, til it’s time to do gangster shit.

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