Football Friday: Boys vs Birds!

Cowboys vs Eagles is one of the best rivalries in sports. It’s rooted in deep hatred between the two fan bases.

One fan base wear big hats… The other are just big assholes. It always makes for unbelievable entertainment.

The Eagles are the defending Super Bowl Champions. This will be the first time the two play since Philly claimed it’s first Lombardi trophy, and the game is in Philly.

You know that stadium will be rocking when the Birds come out in their all blacks.

Will it be a good game? Who knows, the Eagles are sitting at 4-4 while the Cowboys are coming off 2 straight loses bringing them to 3-5. However whenever these two play, even if nothing is on the line…

…Everything is on the line.

I had an argument with a “typical Eagles fan” when he said the Cowboys have been pathetic for 15 years. Irrelevant in the playoffs yes, pathetic… No. just typical talk from a fan base that hates the Cowboys more than anything in the world.

Since 2005 the Cowboys are:


The Eagles:


Yes the separation is in the playoffs where the Eagles separate, but that’s hardly pathetic from Dallas.

As we get ready for this Sunday Night clash let’s look back at some of the best moments in the rivalry.

Who needs a helmet?

Eat dat Booger!

Emmitt iced the game!

DJax outruns Dallas!

Romo’s last TD is in Philly..

Top 10 moments in the Rivalry.

-Kevin “That Guy”

Feature Image – Vavel

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