Le’Veon Bell Posts Weird Upside Down Tweets About “What He Believes In”

Last night Le’Veon Bell posted some weird tweets about why he isn’t playing and what he believes in.  Quite frankly that isn’t the story, and nobody cares about what Le’Veon said. The story is how he said it. Let’s take a look…

Get a load of this fucking guy!!  Writing these upside down tweets about how he is doing what’s right.  Saying if you took the time to read what he is saying we proves his point.  Pal I aint dyslexic, I can’t spell but I aint dyslexic, it took me a half second longer to read those tweets compared to regular tweets.  I might have even read them quicker.  The reality for Le’Veon is he is this all is backfiring on him.  The Steelers are doing just fine.  He is never going to get the money he wants in the first place with being another year older.  It didn’t work and he’s gotta stick to what he believes in.  Good for him, he should continue to do that.  I have no problem with athletes doing this and I understand it.  They should go out and make as much as they can.  In Bell’s case it isn’t going to workout though.  He didn’t need to tweet it like that and was proving no points in doing so, but whatever makes you happy my guy.

P.S. sʞɔns sɐllɐp

P.P.S If you took the time to figure out what that said, you’ve already proved my point.

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