Danny Ainge Has Something To Say About The Scary Terry Trade Rumors

This may have been the easiest prediction I’ve ever made. Yesterday I blogged about the annual alleged Rozier trade rumors. It’s almost unfair to say I predicted it because it’s basically as regular as the seasons in Boston at this point. In this year’s edition, seven teams were rumored to be calling about a Rozier trade. Not even a full day removed from all of this nonsense, like he does every year, Ainge came out this morning to put out the Rozier rumor fire by dismissing all claims in the matter.

Rozier rumors run like clockwork. There a few certainties in basketball. LeBron will be great (and piss me off to no end), the Warriors will be in the finals and Terry Rozier will be involved in trade rumors. It’s honestly a testament to Rozier’s talents and the Celtics depth that this is an annual occurrence, but the Twitter shit-storm that seems to come from it every year is still mind boggling. People head to the trade machine on 2K and start rolling the dice constantly. The matter of fact is that Danny has the team he’s wanted to assemble. Sure he’s looking ahead to blow everyone’s mind time and time again, but in reality, this is the exact team he set out to build going back four years ago. He said as much at the time he began the rebuild.

I really feel Trader Danny will be standing pat for a while, or at least until the AD rumors come knocking this season. Then, and only then, will all the chips be down and Trader Danny will be ready to fleece some Pelicans.

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