Bruins Release Their 2019 Winter Classic Jerseys


I came out of the gate expecting to either love or hate the Bruins’ Winter Classic 2019 jerseys. That’s how it was with 2016 uni’s. Some people absolutely hated them and I actually thought they were pretty fresh. 2019’s jersey, however, feels incredibly meh to me.


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Being that this is the third installment of the Winter Classic for the Bruins, I’d say it’s time to rank their three unis.

Coming in third is unfortunately this year’s installment. It’s very clean and is nearly a copy of the 1930’s Bruins get-up per Cam Neely and The problem is, like many of the incredibly old jerseys, it lacks any excitement whatsoever. The Winter Classic is fun, it’s different. I like the jerseys to feel that way, a la Pittsburgh’s baby blues, Detroit’s first Winter Classic jerseys and the number one jersey on this list.

One thing this year’s Winter Classic did give us was the cutest father/son picture the internet’s ever seen.


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Sidenote: The jerseys may be very bland, but those hats are fire.

Clocking in at second is the aforementioned 2016 Jerseys.


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Like I said before, this one caught some heat. It’s far from the cleanest design, but I for one love it. It’s almost childish, like the idea of playing pond hockey. It fits the script and I think it would’ve been a much more memorable rendition of the Winter Classic had the Bruins not got bitch slapped by the Canadiens in the game.

That leaves the original 2010 Winter Classic jersey as the best the Bruins have ever created.


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This one is a fucking beaut. It can hang with anyone’s Winter Classic jerseys. The color is perfect, the spoked B has never looked so good and it just happened to come with an exciting game and overtime win for the good guys.

Goddamn these things are pretty. I don’t know how I’m supposed to get any more work done looking at these.

The Winter Classic this year will be at Notre Dame Stadium as the Bruins face-off against the seemingly broken Chicago Blackhawks and I can’t wait.

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