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Bill Belichick Mic’d Up Is An Early Christmas Gift

Through some grace of God, Bill Belichick was mic’d up during last week’s Patriots Packers SNF game. Something tells me this was a requirement from the NFL because I can’t see any scenario where Bill would openly agree to be wired up but if so, thank you Roger Goodell because it’s the only good thing you’ve ever done.

The highlight of this 4 minute video is Belichick completely eviscerating the officiating crew. These guys are so intimidated by him you can hear their voices start cracking in fear. Belichick is clearly pissed the Packers weren’t set before snapping the ball when he politely points this out to the official who makes the mistake of saying “We’re on that!” Belichick, with more emotion than I’ve ever seen from him in my life, screams “YOU’RE NOT ON IT!” RIP to that official.

It’s also amazing how lifeless Belichick is watching every touchdown. But the smirk on his face asking Tom who he was intending to throw that Gordon TD pass to was priceless.

In all of the mic’d up moments from this video, this completely unscripted moment between Belichick and James White on SportsCenter was one of my absolute favorites of all time. James White is probably the most important Patriot of the last 3 years and Belichick just putting him right back in his place. That’s why the Patriots are the Patriots…



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