Alabama Fan Killed in Bar Fight by LSU Fans

Source –  A postgame bar brawl has cost one fan his life.

A 46-year-old Alabama fan was beaten in Ponchatoula, La., early Sunday morning and died Tuesday after being placed on life support, according to The Advocate.

Robert Bowers got into a fight with Azia Crockett, 27, and Ryan Anthony, 24, who were charged with one count each of felony manslaughter and turned themselves in.

Bowers was found unconscious at the bar after a verbal argument turned physical over the LSU-Alabama showdown, Ponchatoula Police Chief Bry Layrisson said. Crockett and Anthony are LSU fans, Layrisson said.

They take college football way too serious down south. This isn’t the first time Alabama and LSU fans had a serious incident. In 2012, an Alabama fan decided to rub his balls on a passed out LSU fan.

I get you want to shame someone else for rooting against your team. But, do you really have to beat a guy to death over a football game? I mean, look at these Cajun boys. Do you want to get into a confrontation with them?



Hard pass. Gotta pick and choose your battles.

Unfortunately, I gotta think the Alabama fan did it to himself. I know what you’re thinking, College Mike that’s messed up the guy died. Tragically yes he is, but the Bama fan was probably talking a lot of shit to the LSU fans, they finally get fed up and beat the piss outta him. Unfortunately, the LSU fans took it way too far and now they’ll be watching LSU games from Angola State Prison. My advice for them.


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