Peyton Manning Paid A Visit To The Celtics And Now I’m Nervous

There’s been an absurd amount of good news surrounding Boston as of late. It felt like it would never end, which the overall success may not anytime soon. But it was inevitable there would be some hiccups in the road eventually. And now we have one.

Its a damn shame we had to receive this late-breaking news Tuesday night. It very much caught me off guard. I was just getting into some type of regularity to life after what was a mystical playoff run by the Red Sox. Then Peyton, of all people, blindsides me worse than he did that poor PT assistant back in college.

I love Brad Stevens. I’ll defend him like I do any other coach or player in this town that has brought me such happiness. But this is some bullshit.

The last person I want talking to the Celtics about success is Peyton Manning. This is the same Peyton Manning that didn’t get a ring until his 8th year in the league. It’s also the Peyton Manning with 9, count them, 9 embarrassing one-and-dones in the playoffs.

You have one of the most successful athletes in the history of sports in your own town and this big-foreheaded bum is who the Celtics are talking to?! Blasphemy!

We’re trying to win titles now in Boston. Brown said it himself.

We don’t have time to suck forever like Peyton. The Celtics are ready to win right now. I get that Stevens and Manning may be friends, but save it for another time and keep it away from the team. Can’t have anymore of this.

All we can do now is hope the Celtics can over come and learn from this bump in the road.

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