Jason Kelce Shits On The Cowboys, The Cowboys Fans, And The Cowboys Organization

Oh Buddy!!! It’s Dallas Week and things are getting hot already and they are only going to get hotter!!  Today when asked about the Cowboys Kelce said…

I love it baby!! Shit down their throat Jason, but make sure you win on Sunday my guy!  Not many people know this about me, even though I tell everyone I meet, but I have met Jason before and it was an incredible experience.  I was at howl at the moon with some friends and I turn around i notice Jason Kielce walking in.  I put my arms up and yell “THATS JASON KELCE”  Jason quickly picked me up and held me like a baby in his arms.  Now I am no small man and at the time was a well oiled steroid machine at 225 pounds.  He cradled me and then took my beer and chugged it in my face while holding me with the other hand.  I felt safe in his arms.  I felt like nothing could ever harm me.  I felt like everything was right in the world with his big arms holding me.. I shall never forget that moment Jason.  Thank you for it.

Anyway…  Fuck the Cowboys and the horse they rode in on.

P.S. I miss you Jason

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