It’s Dallas Week, So Let’s Look Back At The Time I Found Out Cowboys Fans Can’t Read

Eagles vs Cowboys is my favorite rivalry. I hate them and all their piece of shit, low life fans with my entire heart. They say you should give 110%, I give 110,000,000% when it comes to trashing these human shaped bags of garbage.

Last March for example, roughly 6 weeks after the Eagles won THE SUPER BOWL!! You know that game that the Cowboys haven’t been to since 2-Pac was still alive and Pluto was a planet? I tweeted out a gif mixed with a witty rhyme. It was delightful. Cowboys nation didn’t seem to take it well and they responded quickly.

This was when I learned that Cowboys fans can’t read and may possibly be the dumbest humans on planet Earth. Let’s take a peak at how this played out.

Here was my tweet.

Funny right, because the Eagles won the Super Bowl and Dallas sucks. Here is how it spiraled out of control.
First there was Craig. Now he deleted his tweet but it said something along the lines of I’m not even a Cowboys fan just a fan of the game.

How convenient; they stink and you’re not a fan, but also at the same time you were born to be a Dallas fan….weird.

And then there was Ann St George. This southern belle was my favorite.

She made some big dumb point that Eagles fans blow Brady….even though the Birds won, and then she goes “sight” when she is talking about the Cowboys SITE LOLOLOL.

And moments after that we got this lovely exchange.



You can’t make this shit up!

Mayweather Mc Gregor GIF - Mayweather McGregor CantEvenRead GIFs

Of course not all Cowboys fans are illiterate, some are just regular wife beating criminals like the team they support. Example A:

cbf 3



Unfortunately, so much more was deleted by the cry baby Dallas fans. If you see any dumb Dallas fan tweets please DM them to us @Branded_Sports on twitter. I promise we will toast those dummies.

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