There Are Lots Of Pictures Of Sad Cowboys Fans On Twitter, Please Do Not Look, Please Do Not Tweet

Last night the Dallas Cowboys played the Tennessee Titans and things were going amazing for 10 consecutive minutes.  The Cowboys QB Rayne Prescott threw the ball 10 yards over Cole Beasleys head and they missed a field goal.  No worries though the Cowboys very quickly forced a turnover that lead to 7 points!!! Amari Cooper!!!! What a time to be alive!  Next thing you know the Cowboys get another turnover!  They are driving they are on the 10 and Rayne throws a pick that leads to the Titans celebrating on the star the Titans go down field and score the Titans get the ball again go down and score, and a quick flash it’s 14-7 Titans.  Next thing you know Eagles and Redskins fans are out celebrating together as an enemy of my enemy thing

It was a beautiful thing.  Enemies coming together joining forces for one common goal.  That goal as always to see the star die out, Jerry Jones to cry like a little bitch…




The Cowboys did make a comeback and a game out of it, it was 21-14 the Titans drove down the field missed a field goal and when the Cowboys got the ball back?  Dan was sacked twice they punted the Titans made it 28-14 and the game was over, but not before with the season on the line, 28-14, 2 minutes left on a 4th down Dak threw the ball out of the back of the end zone, just perfect.

Now this lead to a bunch of pictures of sad Cowboys fans please do not retweet or look at them though.  Here are these pictures so you know what not to look at and or retweet.  Thank you.

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 10.05.23 AM.png


These poor souls and silly bastards.  Oh my well, please do not tweet or retweet any of this!!

Go Eagles!

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