South Philly Brewery Released A Gritty Beer With Coffee And Donuts…..Wait What?

You can thank Sean and Andy Arsenault from Brewery ARS for coming up with this creation. You read that headline right, The Gritty Gruel is made with coffee, donuts and the tears of children from the Delaware Valley. The tag line for the beer says it all “This is what nightmares are made of.”

This is a beer I need to get my lips on. My only issue with the Gritty Gruel is that it’s 7.5% ABV. One look at Gritty and I think of a mad man on the brink of insanity. Those eyes scream, out of my fucking mind on something.

So Gritty Gruel needs to be at the bare minimum 20% ABV. One sip alone should immediately send me into a tailspin. Every year around Christmas I buy Mad Elf thinking it’s festive and fun. And every year I drink too much because I have zero self control. Gritty Gruel May have just replaced Mad Elf for me and hey, I can drink it all season. So here’s to being a drunk mess 82 times a year from October to May.

Featured Image: Brewery ARS

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