Jerry… DROP THE HAMMER if you ever want “Glory Hole” again!

It’s over. The season is over Cowboys fans. And you know what… It’s ok. The boys are sitting at 3-5, the Skins are about to collapse and the Eagles are about to take flight, so this may just be for the best..

Are the Cowboys beating Philly in Philly next Sunday night? Nope. 3-5. Are they beating Atlanta in Atlanta? No. 3-6. Will they win on Thanksgiving? Probably. 4-6. They will then get smoked by the Saints, 4-7, lose the Eagles at home 4-8, Lose to the Colts 4-9 and maaaaaaybe beat the Bucs and Giants to finish 6-10.

Let’s not do that thing we do Cowboys fans and just scream HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS?! And think they have an actual shot to do anything… More like How bad are them Cowboys?

Dak Prescott has been horrible. He holds on to the ball way too long. He can’t read a defense and he can’t make all the throws. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think they can win with him. I believe the problem is much deeper than Dak.

Yeah… I’m looking at you Clappy. I’m looking at you Linehan. I’m looking at you JERRY. The Jason Garrett experiment is over and it has failed and it’s time to move on. I once again will say that a guy who only says “we claw, we scratch, we Fight” is just saying “I don’t know what I’m doing”

Oh and did he really start his press conference last night with… “I feel like we did a lot of good things tonight.” Of course he did, because he’s a little lost fish in a pond WAY too big for him.

The offense is the most predictable pee wee style offense I’ve ever seen. Defenses just load the box on first down because Garrett basically puts WE ARE RUNNING on the Jumbotron before the play.

Scott Linehan “Mr. Creativity” needs to go too. If Jason is Jerry’s puppet, Scott is Jason’s puppet. He doesn’t know how to create a game plan that helps Dak succeed with his limitations.

There are ways to win with a QB like Dak, and we saw it on display from the Titans all Monday night. I am sick and tired of this boring ass, predictable offense. If they don’t get 5 or more yards on first down the drive is over, and at this point it just makes me sad.

Are there things to be excited about for this team? Yes. Jaylon Smith looks like a Monster. LVE has been progressing unbelievably in his first season. The defense is young and fast and has the potential to be a Super Bowl caliber defense.

I also think Amari Cooper is going to be a stud if used correctly. They already looked like a better offense when they got the ball in his hands. I predicted 6 for 63 yards and a TD, he had 5 for 58 and a TD. I also think Michael Gallup has the chance to be an exceptional talent, and being across from Cooper will only help his growth.

Zeke is still a top running back in this league and when utilized in the right scheme can dominate the NFL.

Jerry… It is time to drop the hammer. It is time to “Put em in the bathroom” because this needs to stop. It’s been way too long since the Cowboys had a legitimate shot at a championship.

Gif – Gyfcat

I hate to say this but use Philly as the blueprint. Yes, they have Wentz but they also got Dougy P and brought in a whole new philosophy, this is what the Cowboys need. Jason is being tuned out by the players and the fans. He needs to go, Scott needs to go…

We need a fresh start. Cut the damn puppet strings, man up and get you a coach in there that’s gonna bring back some Glory Hole to Dallas!

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-Kevin “That Guy”

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