Heartbreaking News: Topanga Lawrence Got Married This Weekend

Sunday was a dark day for every guy between the ages of 27-34. Our inner preteen hearts collectively broke finding out Topanga Lawrence said “I do” to a man not named Cory Matthews. If you fall in that age range Topanga was your first true love. Had to be, there was no one else. From weird Topanga with the hair and poems to hot Topanga. All of us were Cory at home screaming “Let me touch something!!”

I also had no idea that this was her second wedding but that doesn’t matter, the sting is all the same here. We lost the love of our generation this past weekend. And I’m not saying she can do better but I mean…..come on

This all feels like a front though. Topanga still loves Cory. I know it in my heart of hearts. Even picking this day to get married was a subliminal message to Cory. Almost 20 years TO THE DAY that America’s cutest couple were hitched. This is no coincidence.

Cory -n- Topanga 4eva. Take me back to TGIF, a much simpler time. When I’d crack a Sunkist orange soda, curl up on the couch and let the Boy Meets World shenanigans be the main event of my evening. I miss you!!!

topanga 2

Also if you’re Mr. Topanga, you can’t let John Mayer play at your wedding. Even if you’re a hard 10, when Johnny starts strumming that guitar you turn into Shrek. Can’t be put in the corner on your own wedding day.

And of course

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