Pete Davidson Catching Backlash After SNL Joke

Pete Davidson has had a few rough weeks/months. From catching a nickname like butthole eyes to having to getting dumped and dragged through the mud and now catching heat for a joke. Dude can’t win right now. If you’re like most people, you haven’t liked SNL for awhile. The show has been slowly getting less and less funny over the years. Just adding boring actor after boring actor.

Pete Davidson though is an exception to the rule. He’s actually funny and this appearance on Weekend Update was gold. The one guy he called a “cigar that came to life” made me actually laugh out loud. Is that because I’m a dad now, possibly but let me live. And let Pete live. The dude peaked already, life is all downhill from here. Ariana is a 10 and Pete is not. If he can’t have that anymore at least let him make an eye patch joke without losing our minds. Hit man in a porno movie might be the most accurate description of Dan Crenshaw.

PS. Can’t wait for these commercials to end. Can’t even listen to music without hearing about someone that cares about the middle class. Looking at you Chrissy Houlahan

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