Mugshot Monday: Heather Locklear

Happy Monday everyone! It’s time for the best new weekly spot sweeping the nation…

Mugshot Monday!

Today, one of America’s former sweethearts. One of America’s sexiest people, on one of America’s most popular shows.

Heather Locklear.

Men (and boys) loved her and women wanted to be her.

Oh boy… How times have changed. Locklear has gone from one of America’s hottest to one of America’s… Craziest!

Image – usmagazine

usmagazine.comThe Melrose Place alum was taken into custody on June 24, 2018, for two counts of misdemeanor battery on a police officer and emergency personnel. The arrest came exactly one week after she was hospitalized in Thousand Oaks, California, to undergo a psychiatric evaluation in the wake of her recent erratic behavior.”

Image – Pagesix

pagesixWhen four officers tried to cuff Locklear, who played a cop on the ’80s TV series “T.J. Hooker,” she flipped out and attacked them while screaming, “F–king a–holes,” a police source told the Mail.”Locklear punched two officers, called a female cop a “c- -t” and kicked a male officer in the groin — all in front of her 20-year-old daughter, Ava, the Mail reported.”

Even this story would be a bit over the top for a 2019 reboot of Melrose Place!

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