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Tinder/Bumble Chronicles

Your favorite weekly blog is back. Let’s get lost in the black hole that is The Tinder/Bumble Chronicles.

Nothing says Halloween like some pumpkin spiced booty

More red flags in this bio than there are words

Not sure she understands how Bumble works

Video game sex puns. IT’s so crazy it might just work

What a wild left turn this took after honest person

This weeks HARD PASS goes to this soon to be mom

Nothing says just looking for friends like upside down splits in underwear on a dating app

Fellas, sounds like she’ll be a cheap date

Yikes. Don’t want to tell anyone how to live their life but it might be time to legally change that name

Perfect insult and emoji execution here

Classic try hard here

A lot of demands from someone with a trashy East Coast scroll tat

Hit that bitch with the Blue Steel


This Joker is looking to be Dragon his balls across your face 

Cecelia is the girl that stares at you while you sleeping laughing and crying at the same time

Rani putting dicks in body bags

Seems like a logical question to me

Love a little self awareness 

Lee loves and hates with his whole heart

This shouldn’t be a complement but it feels like it just might be.

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Have a great and safe weekend people


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