Justin Bieber Is Making Crying Cool (Thank God)

Sometimes people try to say that money cannot buy happiness. Those people are incredibly stupid, and one of them is Justin Bieber. The Biebs has absolutely everything. He’s hot, rich, talented and now married to a smokeshow. He can act like an asshole, be caught by TMZ and still not lose the popular vote. Once you are a Belieber, you’re in for life. Beliebers aren’t Kanye fans–we’re standing buy our guy.

I cannot imagine the gravity of a situation that would move Justin Bieber to tears but the amount of crying he has been doing lately is a little out of the ordinary. Not for people with deep rooted emotional issues like myself, but for the biggest celebrity on the planet.

Video footage was just released of Justin crying again at a Harry Potter bar in Orlando. If someone forced me to visit a Harry Potter themed anything I probably would cry, but this seemed a little more serious than Hogwarts.

Justin later told TMZ: ‘You got good days and you got bad days.’ Well Justin, not that I’m judging but it seems like you’ve been having a lot of bad days lately.

2 weeks ago he was spotted crying in the car with Hailey. Again, no judgement for crying in the car but maybe try to find a parking garage before breaking down. Insider tip.


The day before that, more tears were shed when Justin came out of church.


The crying spree seemed to start on this fateful day of the bike ride, when Justin and Hailey were spotted reading a marriage counseling book to get through the first few days  of engagement. I hear those are always the hardest. If my new husband was on a crying spree of this magnitude that began shortly after our engagement, I might be a little concerned. Then again, they don’t have a prenup so even if Biebs is crying over Selena, Hailey is the real winner here.

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 12.56.00 PM.png
Image: MEGA

Men crying is one of my ultimate turnoffs, sorry Michigan Man. I just don’t know how to respond without laughing, my usual reaction in emotional situations. Guys don’t have hormones or PMS to blame the crying on so please keep it together. Can’t have two of us crying all the time and I’m not planning on stopping any time soon. If you’re keeping track, I’m looking for a tall guy that is emotionally stable. Should be easy enough.

But all of that is about to change thanks to the Biebs. Crying in public about to make a huge comeback.

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