College Football Week 10

Last Week: 3-0 NBD

2018 College Football Season 32-11

#6 Georgia (-9) at #9 Kentucky

The winner of this game will clinch the SEC East and have the chance to play in the SEC Championship Game. Georgia is coming off a solid 36-16 win over Florida. Jake Fromm looked good throwing 240 yards and 3 touchdowns. The Bulldogs will need Fromm to continue that type of play, unlike his performance in the LSU game. If Kentucky pulls off the upset, it’ll be the cherry on top of their surprising season. I’ll be pulling for Kentucky, I’ve started to become a fan of the Wildcats. Hopefully their hype video helps.

Georgia over Kentucky 

#13 West Virginia at #17 Texas (-2)

Last year, Texas beat WVU in Morgantown after Will Grier suffered a season ending hand injury in the first quarter. Fast forward to this year, West Virginia will be looking for revenge in Texas. The debate has been raging if Texas is back. Short answer, no, you don’t declare a team “back” after knocking off a few ranked teams. You’re back after two straight winning seasons (min 10 wins) with at least one major bowl victory. Regardless, both teams need the win in order to reach the Big 12 Championship game against, more than likely, Oklahoma.

WVU over Texas

#14 Penn State at #5 Michigan (-12)

Penn State, offensively, hasn’t been that great this year. Yes, they are 11th in the nation for points scored per game (41.3). However, the wide receivers can’t catch balls thrown right to their hands. If they can catch, State is top 5. A lot of people will say the offense is lacking because the Lions don’t have Saquon Barkley. I say it’s because they lost Joe Moorhead to Mississippi State. Michigan has one of the better defenses in the country (14.4 points allowed, 6th nationally) so they’ll be putting the pressure on the Lions offense. Also, expect a lot of ground and pound from the Lions, apparently Ann Arbor is a no fly zone. Michigan is number one in the nation for passing yards per game (122.9) and total passing yards (983). This game is going to hurt, but these make me feel a little better.

Michigan over Penn State

#1 Alabama at #3 LSU

This is all you need to know about this game.

But, if you need more, click here. Thanks Kmess.

Bama over LSU 


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