Bill Burr Says Philly Fans Are Nice Sweet People With Great Work Ethic And Dodgers Fans Would Stab Santa

Bill Burr finally says what we are all thinking.  Philly people are sweet kind-hearted nice humans and LA people are savage cold-blooded killers.  People are going to get mad at me for this, but I am not the one saying it, Bill Burr is.  LA fans are psychos who would paralyze a fan for wearing a Giants jersey.  That’s just a fact

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That’s a fact that can not be changed.  Philly people are just super kind and nice humans who go out of their way to make sure fans of opposing teams have a beer or two for their tailgate, so they toss it over to them to help out.  Nothing wrong with that.  LA people throw bullets from a gun into your head or knives into your rib cage.  These are all facts that can not be disputed.  Glad it was finally said!!

Wait… I forgot.. Fuck that! Nobody likes us we don’t care!!!

In all seriousness It’s time to retire that slogan because every time someone says it to us we care and get salty and butt hurt and sad and cry and bitch and moan and it’s becoming a bad look.  Until the hilly fan base really doesn’t care that nobody likes us nobody is allowed to say it anymore.  We can no longer have it both ways.

In a very related note, Cali fans are really the most psycho people out there.  They go out there looking to kill people stab them and leave them in a wheelchair.  Those are just facts.  Do Philly people get a bad rep?  Yeah because we aren’t out there killing people.  It doesn’t matter though.  We can’t change the rep so why try to change it? Embrace it, own it, love it, become it!!! Once that happens I will give you back the “Nobody likes us, we don’t care” slogan.  Regardless I am a whore for a good speech so I’ll include the Kelce speech in this even though it has no point.  Here ya go.

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