Sixers Back At Home Tonight After A Drubbing From Toronto

The other day I wrote a quick blog about how the Sixers could prove a lot tot he fan base and the world by competing in Toronto.  Now, knee jerk I’d like to say they just flat-out sucked Ben sucked, Dario sucked and everyone was down right booty cheeks.  That’s not 100% the case though.  it’s about 75% the case not 100%.  They did get beat down and they did take a thrashing but they fought back and got within 6 and had a chance.  Ben had the worst game of his career took the ball went down the court and quickly turned it over.  Guy finished the game with double-digit turnovers.  After that turnover the game was out of hand again and we all saw what happened.

Few quick points about Ben and some others.  He was playing the best defender in basketball.  He got worked but he is still a young player and he will be fine.  It was a learning experience for him and I would guarantee it makes him better and that won’t happen the next time they play.  Don’t worry about Ben he’s a generational talent and he’ll be ok.  Dario, buddy figure it out and I’ll leave it at that.  Embiid was fine as usual, he seemed slow at times but the man plays hard and he’s gonna give you 30 a night it seems like.  People want to say he makes to many mistakes and I get it but he has to do so much for this offense to work right now, for other guys to be effective, let the man do what the man does.

As for tonight.  Time to hunker down and get back on track at home.  Sixers have been great at home as they should be but I’d like to see a full 4 quarter home game tonight.  Even against Atlanta they only really got started din the second half.  The Clippers have been decent going 4-3 and are coming off of an emotional loss against OKC.  This should be a solid test for the Sixers and we AGAIN can learn more about the identity of this team.  Sixers and Clippers tonight at 7, let’s go and aquire this bread boys!


PS- Drubbing is a great 5 star word from me

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