NBA Halloween Costume Rankings

Almost every day is Halloween in the NBA with Russell Westbrook and LeBron always dressing weird as fuck. I never knew grown men loved dressing up as much as they do, but last night was quite the night for the NBA.

  1. Mo Harkless was the winner of this years NBA Halloween a week before Halloween even happened. Harkless dressed up as Tyrone Biggums from Chappelle’s Show. Instant classic and also the first time I’d ever heard of Mo Harkless. Props.
Image: @Trailblazers

2. Mo’s teammate Damian Lillard had the second best costume of the week as Stone Cold Steve Austin, mask and all.

Image: Cameron Browne/NBAE/Getty

3. JaVale McGee. It’s no secret JaVale is my favorite Laker and favorite NBA player right now. Monster on and off the court. This costume was my personal favorite but trying to be unbiased. When you’re 7′ tall and as weird looking as JaVale this is the exact costume you need to be wearing. I love it so much.

4. LeBron. Right where he belongs on most lists. This costume wasn’t as flashy as last years Pennywise but got the job done. Sort of like LeBron’s career as a Laker so far.

Image: @NBA Twitter

5. Robin Lopez. Solid effort with this ET costume. Pretty fun to ride into practice on a bike. He’s always pretty good at Halloween. Is that Brook in the front?


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