Mitchell Trubisky Knows Bears Fans Shouldn’t Be Like The Bills Mafia

It’s been estimated that 1.7 million tables have been broken by Bills fans, aka the Bills Mafia, over the course of history.

That is not a real stat, but I’m sure it’s damn close. And there’s no reason Bears fans need to be an enemy to the table community of America.

Mitchell Trubisky caught himself when he was asked about the Bills Mafia. While he was just trying to be the nice, complimentary guy that he is, he almost made a call-to-action to Bears fans to break some tables…

This sort of thing happens to athletes all the time when they’re trying to be nice in the media and make a mistake that leads fans to do stupid things. But, just as Mitch has grown on the field, he clearly also has off the field. The verbal pump fake he did mid-answer saved Bears fans from possibly breaking tables all across America.

Listen, I love the crazy shit the Bills Mafia does like Mitch said. But, I would NEVER want to BE the Bills Mafia. They’re like the crazy kid in high school who everyone loved when he smashed beer bottles over his head at a party or streaked across the field, but nobody was actually friends with. They’re that crazy girl or asshole dude guys and girls hook up with in college to have a little fun once in awhile. You like those people, but you don’t wanna BE those people.

I mean, how could I do some of these things that the Bills Mafia does? It would bring 1,000 years of shame onto my family…

But hey, I would also be this crazy if Nathan Peterman was my starting quarterback this week.

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Featured Image: Edited from Action Network and ESPN Radio 104.5 FM

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