Did You Know? Golden Tate Edition

Nick Ru

As the leading Golden Tate Fan in the world I wanted to do a did you know on Golden Tate.  These are all facts that I have not checked.  Here it is your Golden Tate did you know?

  • Golden Tate owns the Cowboys
  • Golden Tate once watched a Rocky movie
  • Golden Tate has won a Superbowl
  • Golden Tate has a Golden name
  • The Rock is a fan of Golden Tate

  • Golden Tates twitter name is showtime because he is the best wideout in the NFL
  • Golden Tate is 5’10 but plays with a 6’6 heart
  • The Seahawks have yet to win a Superbowl without Golden Tate
  • Since Golden has been in the NFL he has more Superbowls than the Cowboys
  • The Eagles have never lost a game with Golden Tate
  • The Cowboys have never won a game since Golden Tate has been an Eagle
  • I have DM’d with Golden Tate before

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 1.07.22 PM

  • He hasn’t answered yet, but he might soon
  • Golden Tate looks better in green than in blue
  • Golden Tate has better career stats than the Cowboys receivers
  • Golden Tate has strong legs
  • Golden Tate has strong arms
  • Golden Tate has strong hands
  • Golden Tate has strong fingers
  • Golden Tate is strong
  • Golden Tate is attractive
  • Golden Tate is more attractive than any Cowboys wideout
  • Golden Tate is more attractive than any Redskins wideout
  • Golden Tate is more attractive than any Giants wideout
  • Golden Tate is more attractive than any NFC East opponent
  • Golden Tate went to Notre Dame
  • Golden Tate is my hero
  • I love Golden Tate
  • Golden Tate has never lost to the Cowboys because of him
  • Golden Tate has always beaten the Cowboys in morals
  • Golden Tate is better than Haha Clinton-Dix
  • Golden Tate has never been to jail like many Cowboys players
  • Golden Tate is smart
  • Golden Tate loves golf
  • Golden Tate is going to win a Superbowl with the Philadelphia Eagles

And those are facts you probably didn’t know about Golden Tate.

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