Ball Hog or MVP Again? Branded’s Daily Debate Put To Rest

Sometimes holidays present the opportunity for something truly special to happen and last night was no exception as Derrick Rose, former MVP, had arguably one of the best games of his career by dropping 50 points in the Timberwolves’ game last night. He also had 4 rebounds, 6 assists, 2 steals, 1 block, and 4 3-pointers.

Any basketball fan is well aware of the checkered injury history of Derrick so the fact that he dropped 50 last night is made even more absurd when you realize that Rose hasn’t scored more than 35 points in a game since his MVP season 7 years ago!

Everyone in sports is talking about Derrick Rose’s game last night.

But not all chatter about Derrick Rose is all that positive. In fact, our very own Branded Sport’s CEO Joe, would like to start the debate on whether or not Derrick Rose should be called the most selfish player in the NBA? Well, I have a few points for you Joe…

If you’re like Joe, you might talk about how Derrick Rose dribbled 653 times last night  while Klay Thomson dribbled 56 times in his 50 point game earlier this season. If you’re like me, then you might be asking yourself, “Who the fuck counts the amount of times a player dribbles in a game?” Seriously though, is this someone’s job? I didn’t even know that this was an important stat to keep track of and know.


If you’re like Joe, you might also mention a player like Josh Okogie leading the Wolves with a +12 last night. If you’re like me, you might be asking again, “Who the fuck is Josh Okogie?” I mean kudos to a rookie for playing 37 minutes of efficient basketball, but he still only finished with 10 points, 4 rebounds, and 1 assist which is pretty much around his seasonal averages so far so pretty easy to go unnoticed with that. Plus Derrick Rose finished with a +10 still so not really a huge difference there anyway.

You might mention how Derrick didn’t finish with a double-double and Karl-Anthony Towns did. Well, that is true. KAT is a great player and should finish with a double-double, but if we want to talk about +/- ratings, then KAT finished with the same as Rose with a +10. So who cares about a double-double? I’d rather see the 50 points scored.


Lastly, you might compare it to Kobe’s 81 point game and say it wasn’t as good. Well, there I would definitely have to agree. Derrick Rose’s game last night definitely did not compare, but that’s not the Kobe game I would compare it to. Kobe was 27 at that time and in the midst of his prime. Derrick Rose is only 30, but he’s a shadow of his former self with all the physical and mental wear injuries have had on him. Kobe’s final game is a more accurate comparison since, to me, both players were only shadows of their former selves. In both of those games, both players were chucking up shots and since Joe likes +/- ratings, Kobe actually finished lower that game with just a +7!

Regardless of who’s side you’re on though, yesterday was a great sight to see from a man who’s been through so much and if 30+ shots a night leads to 50 points and a W for Rose and the Timberwolves then trade Jimmy Butler and sign me up for the Derrick Rose bandwagon because last night might have been the start to one of the greatest stories this year in sports.


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