Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Urban Myer has a Health Issue

USA TodayOhio State coach Urban Meyer said an enlarged congenital arachnoid cyst on his brain has led to “aggressive” headaches and that his condition played a role in him dropping to his knees in an Oct. 6 game against Indiana. 

The 54-year-old coach told reporters Tuesday that his condition was first diagnosed in 1998 and it has recently worsened, causing significant pain on the left side of his head.

Although he had surgery in 2014 to remove fluid from the cyst, Meyer said the cyst is an ongoing issue that he has to “manage.” In 2014, Meyer said that doctors wanted him to be conscious of how often he screamed and blew his whistle.

His personal physician, Dr. Andrew Thomas, said in a statement that he’s been working with Meyer to monitor and manage symptoms as the headaches have “particularly flared up in the past two years.” 

In spite of his health concerns, Meyer reiterated Tuesday that he plans to stay coaching the Buckeyes. 

“I am fully committed to Ohio State and the football program for as long I can,” Meyer said. He confirmed Monday that he plans to coach in 2019. 

Sounds like perfect timing to me. Another issue under Urban Myer’s regime calls for another “heath issue” that’ll prevent him from performing his head coaching duties. Give me a break! He pulled the same stunt at Florida, this is nothing new. At Florida, he said he had a heart condition and wanted to spend more time with his family. Well I guess he got tired of his family, and the ol’ ticker is magically better.

I can definitely see Urban leaving The Ohio State after they don’t make the College Football Playoffs. Apparently things are a little stranded between Myer and OSU admin. He should have been fired, Admin knew that, but they needed him for one more season. This will be his “out” so the admin and public get what they want. He claims he’ll be back to coach, but the press conference wasn’t too convincing.

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