I’ve Been A Member Of The Golden Tate Fan Club Since Day 1

Not many people know this but I’ve been a Golden Tate fan since day 1.  That’s right the moment he dawned the uniform I have loved this guy.  Couldn’t get enough of him and I can’t stop talking about how great he is.  I’ll never forget the moment I realized I was his biggest fan.  It was Tuesday October 30th, 2018.  Golden Tate got off the plane and landed in Philadelphia.

It had only been one day and I was his biggest fan.  I’ve been day 1 with Golden forever now and I hope everyone stays off this bandwagon.  If you have not been a Golden Tate fan since at least October 30th 2018, do NOT try to say you are now.  That time has passed and I won’t hear a word of it.  Viva La Golden!!! Let’s see some highlights





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