The Sixers Can Prove A Lot To The World Tonight

Tonight is a big night for Sixers basketball.  They go against the Raptors in Toronto after dominating the Hawks last night.  In my opinion it’s a big show me game from the team.  I know it’s only going to be game number 8 of an 82 game season but I don’t care.  The Sixers like to think of themselves as a championship contending team.  Joel loves to get on social media and run his mouth, I love when he does that too, but now I need some results.

I need to see the Sixers play a full 4 quarter game and show they can contend with the big dogs in the East.  They should have beat Detroit and once they got a 14 point lead on the Bucks they kinda just… stopped playing?  We don’t need the Sixers to win every big game they play against every good team they play but I would like to see some early season success.  I’d like to see Fultz do what he did last night and get better.  I’d like to see Ben shoot a three one time.  Joel just be Joel.

I don’t think we as fans are asking for too much.  Just show us you can compete with the best and beat them.  We know they can, they did it last year.  Just show us something and do it tonight against the Raptors.  Sixers come into the game at +6 so I’m giving you my expert opinion..  Hammer Sixers +6 and money line.  You can thank me later.


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