RIP Wing Bowl. A Tradition Unlike Any Other

Philly is trash. That is the mantra around the country. Do I agree with that? Not 100% but probably a solid 60% trash. Delco alone is 85% trash. Bad accents, ugly tattoos in places tattoos don’t belong and a whole lot of chin straps on the guys and girls. But it’s home so you have to embrace it. Like Oscar the Grouch, if you live it everyday you have to accept it. No event in Philadelphia history embraced being trash more than The Wing Bowl.

It started back in 1993 as a way for us Eagles fans to replace the blues of not being in the Super Bowl by getting shit faced and watching fat shirtless dudes smash wings in the wee hours of the morning Friday before the big game. It soon started to draw upwards of 20,000 spectators. Even a list of C-list celebrities have attended the madness like Dennis Rodman and The Nature Boy Ric Flair.

The event evolved to eventually become basically a trip to the strip club with 20,000 of your drunkest friends and some of the ugliest strippers to ever grace God’s green earth. I’m happy it’s over because it was a black eye on the city. Every year when it came around to Wing Bowl day I could feel a wave of embarrassment for my city. Also happy because Angelo is a complete trash human himself and anything that makes him sad makes me smile. BUT I am also going to miss it now that we’re in the business of content. So RIP Wing Bowl and here’s some of the best (worst?) from the event ESPN once dubbed as the “Worst Event Ever!”

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