Here’s to you Chase “The Man” Utley

Sunday marked the end of Chase Utley’s baseball career. After 16 seasons in the majors, Utley is hanging up the cleats. Back in July, Utley made the announcement that 2018 would be his final season. Luckily he made the announcement before the Dodgers trip to  Citizens Bank Park. The City of Brotherly Love let him know he’ll be missed.

The guy loved playing baseball, it was evident on Sunday when he was taking ground balls and BP even though he wasn’t on the Dodgers World Series roster (a move I hated).

That’s why Philadelphia fell in love with Chase Utley. The guy went out there and gave 100% every day. He set that tone on his first career hit.

What’s followed was 6 All-Star Games, 4 Sliver Slugger Awards, and 1 World Series Title. It was during the 2008 World Series where Chase Utley cemented his legacy in Phillies lore.

And of course how could we forget one of the greatest moments in Philadelphia sports history.

With Utley’s career behind him, now the attention is on Cooperstown. Utley doesn’t become eligible for the Hall of Fame ballot until 2024. His spot will be heavily debated, but I’m sure Philadelphia writers will be pushing hard for his enshrining.  At least Utley already left his mark on the game with the “Utley Rule“.


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