Bulls Score 2nd Most Points In The NBA Last Night, Still Embarrassed.

Wow. Like everyone else in Chicago, I knew this was going to be a rough season for the Bulls in the midst of a rebuild, but I mean seriously?? Last night’s game was a joke, plain and simple.

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They damn near had double our score at halftime (92-50). The Warriors were embarrassing our starting unit so bad that I’m pretty sure that the flew in their G-League team to play us in the fourth quarter.

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Still, some recognition should be given to Klay Thompson for breaking the record for most made 3 pointers in a game. Now The Warriors are not only making The Finals year-in/year-out and building a starting roster that will ultimately include 5 All-Stars, but now they’re breaking THEIR OWN RECORDS…

If there’s one silver lining to last night’s game, it’s that we ended up losing by only 25 points with 3 of our main players out with injuries. In fact, we were tied for second most points scored in the league last night, So even though we were playing the backups to the backups in the 4th quarter, we could’ve potentially had a real ball game last night…..probably not though. Here’s to hope this new season Bulls fans.

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