The Powerful Sweater Vest: 8 Thoughts After the Bears Victory Against the Jets

It sure as hell wasn’t pretty, but the Bears pulled out the dub against the Jets at Soldier Field in “Bear Weather” yesterday.

Although it was clear the Bears were the more talented team, the game still had its moments of discomfort and typical Bears fan worry.

Nevertheless, we’re sitting atop first place and ready to take on Buffalo next week. Here are my thoughts from yesterday’s game.

It was enough: The Bears didn’t look like the talent-filled, dominant squad they’ve shown themselves to be during moments throughout the season. They had some miscues, a couple shitty penalties and a slow start. But, as many good teams in the NFL have to do, they bit down on their mouth piece and did “enough” to win. Do I want more than that? Uhhhh yeah. I’ll take a win any way possible though, too.

Jordan Howard is Comin’: Mark my words, this game will serve as a turning point for our guy Munch, Jordan Howard. JH had a nice game with 81 yards on 22 carries and a tuddie. It’s not an earth-shattering game by any means, but he came up big on the last scoring drive and broke off his best runs of the season. Hopefully this game boosted our guy’s confidence and will lead to those 100+ yard games we all love.

Speaking of the run game: Everyone knows I’ve been harping on Swaggy Nagy to go to the run game all season and he finally gave some trust in Howard and Cohen to get it done. JH and Rik combined for 121 total yards on the day and kept the Jets defense on its toes in the second half. This should serve as a lesson to Coach Nagy that he has two starting backs he should rely on to help open up his offense. Also, let’s PLEASE keep dishing the ball to Munch from Mitch under center, not just shotgun. Munch to Mitch, I like that shit.

The Bears made the right call sitting Our Outside Linebacker and Savior: I love seeing Khalil Mack suit up in the Blue & Orange just as much as anybody, but the coaching staff made the right call sitting him against the Jets. There was no need to aggravate Mack’s ankle against the lowly Jets if you don’t need to. It was nice to see Mack still helping out and cheering on his teammates on the sideline. Depending how things go, I’d even consider resting him against the Bills. Let’s save #52 for crucial divisional games against the NFC North and the big game coming up against the Rams.

The defense looked like themselves again (even if it was the Jets): The Jets do not have a good offense by any means, but the Bears D still turned in a solid performance and looked more like the version we saw from earlier in the season. The secondary had possibly their best game of the season with constant pass breakups and even though the pass rush didn’t generate many sacks, they did generate a ton of throwaways from Sam Darnold (who I think is gonna be a stud one day, BTW). Only negative I had was Eddie Jackson’s bonehead penalty which should have kept the Jets to 3 points, but then lead to a touchdown drive. Otherwise, I liked what I saw.

I feel so bad for Kyle Long: As I was getting ready to crack open a celebratory beer for the Bears W, my guy Kyle Long went down with what looks like a pretty bad injury. Man, I feel so bad for this dude. He’s put up with three nasty injuries over the past six seasons and even played through them at length like the bad man he is. It’s been reported that Long was spotted on crutches in the Bears locker room, but hopefully the big man will be alright and come back later in the season.

Kyle Long injury.jpg
Image: Chicago Sun-Times/Nam Y. Huh

Mitchell Trubisky won Halloween weekend: I saw tons of costumes on my feed this past weekend of friends dressing up for Halloween, but Mitchell Trubisky shat all over them with his Coach Ditka getup, classic ’85 Bears sweater vest and all. 10 God did his best impression of Da Coach and absolutely killed it, he even wore the entire outfit to the post-game press conference. As far as Mitch’s game, it wasn’t his best, but it was enough to win (again). Let’s be real, Mitch’s “alright” or “bad” game used to be “good” for a shitty Bears QB – so, I’ll take these new standards.

I love the culture Swaggy Nagy has instilled: If you don’t actively follow the Bears Twitter account, then you’re not seeing the impact Matt Nagy is having off the field and in the locker room. He surprised each one of his players with a throwback jersey of their favorite Bears legend on Saturday night and gives post-game victory speeches that will even pump up your lamest of friends. He hasn’t been perfect in his first year (and which first year coach ever is?), but he’s doing the right things to reach his players and I’m here for it.

It’s onto Buffalo this weekend. As you prepare for Our Outside Linebacker and Savior to return…honor him with this tee on sale now at the Branded Sports Store! BEAR DOWN.



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Featured Image: Chicago Bears Twitter 

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