I Want To Cut Danny Amendola’s Dick Off For Doing This To Olivia Culpo

That’s it, I give up. I’ve held out hope for so long that love could indeed be real. But the unfollow heard around the world just rocked me to the core for the second time this year. This time, I’m all the way #TeamOlivia.

Fans in Boston can’t even enjoy their World Series win without mourning the possible separation of our King and Queen. Olivia is currently in Australia filming her Sports Illustrated swimsuit photos and that should be reason enough for Danny to keep it in his pants. I mean…

But the underlying message here to the snakes? After TMZ outed Danny for spending a beach day with some Olivia Culpo ripoff, this has to be a shot at Danny. When I saw the article I really wanted to believe it was innocent. I’m sure Olivia has supermodel friends in Miami, maybe Danny was just stopping by for a quick hello and to catch up about the Sports Illustrated shoot. But these pictures are anything but innocent and I want to fucking kill Danny Amendola.

Images: TMZ/MEGA

I don’t care if they are ‘on a break’, this is some of the most disrespectful fuckboy shit I have ever seen. Olivia posted a picture on Instagram 6 days ago referring to Danny as her boyfriend and you’re taking a dip in the Miami water with some low rate Olivia knockoff the minute she leaves for Australia? The fuckboy-ery almost distracted me from how disrespectful these shorts are.


Now first of all this skank knows who Olivia is. Anyone that pretty knows who Olivia is; she’s the gold standard. Have some morals and stop fucking around with another supermodel’s man. Jesus Christ isn’t there some sort of hot girl code? You have your pick of every guy on the planet and you come for 5’8 Danny Amendola who’s only making $6 mill this year? I mean what’s Kenny Stills up to?

It goes to show no one is immune to this fuckboy behavior. Olivia is a former Miss Universe, Sports Illustrated model and I’ve yet to find one flaw in her personality. And yet Danny Amendola is still trying to have his cake and eat it too. You deserve the Dolphins Danny. Thanks for the SuperBowls and stuff but after this, all of New England is about to make you our bitch. I’ll never turn my back on a fellow Cranston girl.


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November 26, 2018 10:25 am

Yo Alison, ‘sup?


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