I Have A Punishment For The People Who Called For Foles To Be Put In And For Wentz To Be Benched

After yesterday’s London game I got to thinking about all of the haters, losers, and morons of which there are many who were asking for Foles to be put in and for Wentz to be benched.  I was thinking about the punishments they should have to deal with, punishment that fit the crime.  Now I know you’re probably thinking there was nobody stupid enough to think about that, but there was.  There are stupid humans among us that want Foles to start or think Wentz should be benched.  Let me show you.


I agree with Donna on this one.


Ok I’m don’t I can’t take anymore of this.  It’s a gross disgusting thing for people to actually say and I am ready for punishments to be handed out.  But first!!! Some fun stats.

  • Carson Wentz became the 2nd QB in history with at least 30 pass attempts and a passer rating of at least 115 in four consecutive games (Peyton Manning the other-2012 with DEN).

Ok no more stats time for punishments.  The people who have called for Foles to start.  Who have asked for Wentz to be benched and or traded.  It is time for you to be punished.  I think the only thing that is fair is we take you behind a shed and pound you in the head with knee braces until you can no longer breathe.  I think half of you should face that.  I think the other half should be hung by the neck until death OR have rocks thrown at them until death as well.  The remaining few should be strapped to chair with their eye lids taped open and have to watch Skip Bayless on TV giving hot takes until they die of starvation.  These are the only fair punishments.  I will see all the bench Wentz people tomorrow to dish out the punishments they deserve.  Thank You.

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